Roaming Treats: Nordstrom Night Out

Hey Cupcake Enthusiasts, The Cupcake Bar was excited to be able to showcase our rocking branding ability at Nordstrom Night Out-- a huge, star studded rock concert hosted by Nordstrom in the parking lot at Barton Creek Mall and featuring some of the most talented artists Austin has to offer! We were charged with feeding the hungry music fans lots of sugary sweetness and giving Nordstrom major props for hosting such a cool event!

The Cupcake Bar custom designed water bottles with sleek Nordstrom labels. We dipped our fall signature, the caramel apple, in sparkly colorful sugars, and wrapped them beautifully, tying them off with a custom designed Nordstrom label. Next, what could be more rock 'n'roll than rock candy? The answer is: Nothing. The Cupcake Bar twisted the gorgeous crystal sweets with a custom Nordstrom tag and displayed them on a bed of more hot pink rock candy! All sweets and treats were passed to fans on custom designed trays! The Cupcake Bar is your branding best friend! We love to strike the balance between fun and professionalism at any event. In this day and age, everything needs a hashtag! Let The Cupcake Bar get your message out there while still providing guests with a sweet experience they won't soon forget!

Nordstrom Night Out went off without a hitch! The weather was perfect, the crowd was enthusiastic, the sound was magnificent, and the concert was fantastic--so many talented artists shared the stage. We felt like the luckiest gals in Austin, and each of these musicians has new fans in The Cupcake Bar. If you're not already familiar, check out Magna Carda, The Digital Wild, and Sarah Jaffe!

Put The Cupcake Bar in charge of branding for your next big event!!!