Roaming Treats: SXSW, Nitro Popcorn, Dry Ice Sugar Bar, and Avatars OH MY!

This SXSW we had the opportunity to fly into the future with All Nipon Airways (ANA) through a glowing experience designed and executed flawlessly by Red Velvet Events

SXSW_roaming treats_popcorn_dry ice_avatars_speakeasy_interactive desserts.jpeg

And here is your invitation in case you missed it! 



At this XPrize Avatar launch party our bartenders were themed to match as they roamed around greeting guests like proper flight attendants. One catch: these lovely ladies were serving up some seriously entertaining treats! 

SXSW_interactive desserts_roaming treats_austin cupcakes_sweet treats.jpeg

First, lets talk about the Dry Ice Sugar Bar. This [literal] steam show contained glow in the dark clouds of cotton candy, tubes of custom colored chocolate Sixlets, the class favorite Pop Rocks, and mystery flavored Air Heads. Guests were coming back for seconds all night long! 

Next up: Nitrogen popcorn! This was something new and exciting we offered that was out of this world! How it works: our bartenders (with proper training) carried liquid nitrogen alongside cups of cheesy, buttery popcorn. Upon request nitrogen was poured, drained and evaporated over your chosen snack cup to FREEZE the popcorn, allowing guests to blow smoke out of their noses and mouths. It was truly fascinating to watch and created a must see Snapchat story! 

SXSW_dry ice_interactive desserts_avatars_snapchat desserts_roaming treats.jpeg

Outside of our crazy cool treats, guests were entertained by DJ Gatsby and also got to create their very own Avatars. It was a truly interactive experience captured perfectly by Red Velvet Events

SXSW_DJ Gatsby.jpeg

For more information on roaming treats, interactive desserts, and how we can design our work (and bartenders) to compliment your event please email us!