Giving Back: Joy, Happiness, and Cupcakes

One of our 2019 goals is to focus on giving back in our community. At The Cupcake Bar we take great pride in spreading joy, happiness and cupcakes to our fellow Austinites. One opportunity we look forward to growing even more this year is giving back to our local first responders. They do so much for our city and deserve all of the cupcake love! Stay tuned on more information, if you would like to participate this year!

2017 was our first time delivering cupcakes to Austin fire stations on 9/11, and we were so proud of our team for making it out to 12 locations. This past year, we set our expectations even higher and set a goal of hitting all 45 Fire Stations within the Austin City Limits. We knew this would be a hard goal to meet with just our team, so we took to social media and opened the sign-up sheet to our loyal customers, industry partners and friends. And, let me tell you, we have some amazing people in this Austin community! We are so proud and humbled to say that we were able to meet our sugar filled goal of delivering cupcakes with the help of our friends, family and customers to ALL 45 City of Austin Fire Stations!!!

Take a look at this memorable day perfectly captured by FerrodFilms. Thanks so much for this, Fernando!

As we gear up for a wonderful 2019 we encourage everyone to spread a little happiness and sugar by going out and doing something kind. Whether that be something as simple as calling a loved one or donating your time to a local shelter, just go out and spread some joy!

A huge thank you to our Cupcake Squad, friends and families who helped make this possible. We are super excited to continue this initiative this year and look to make it bigger and better. Stay tuned for more information on how you can help this September 11, 2019!