Doughnut Bar: Sweet Book Launch

Jessica Honegger is a mom, an entrepreneur (have you seen the cute things from Noonday Collection), a podcaster, an author, a philanthropist and as we saw first hand, an amazingly passionate woman. She is, in a word, GOALS. So naturally when she invited us to help her host her very exciting book launch, we jumped at the opportunity.

In her book, Imperfect Courage, Jessica shares real-life inspiration for readers to recognize their own worth, embrace vulnerability, connect with community, and find the courage to achieve their full potential. 

imperfect courage doughnut bar.jpg

To sweeten the deal we brought in our doughnut wall with fully customized colors to match her book and sweeten the evening of her book launch attendees.



doughnut wall

We also brought our interactive doughnut bar so that guests were able to add their own flair to each custom creation. Like Jessica, we love the opportunity to serve others and bring a smile to their faces.

Thanks to Imperfect Courage we left super inspired. Jessica has done a wonderful job of challenging readers to:

  • Leave perfect behind and embrace risk

  • Lift each other up and celebrate the success of others

  • Connect to community, both at home and worldwide

  • Make a meaningful impact on the world around you

What are ways you guys can get out of your comfort zone and change the world? Stay tuned to see what we are cooking up to do our part!


Thanks for having us, and thank you for all you are doing to inspire courage!