Caramel Apple Bar: BACK!



Our favorite time of the year has rolled around again! Caramel, jimmies, bright shimmer, chocolate chips, yummy drizzles, and's Caramel Apple Bar season! The Cupcake Bar is excited to bring back this popular seasonal option for your upcoming event.

Similar to the entertaining Cupcake Bar experience, The Caramel Apple Bar is an interactive bar where guests choose their delicious caramel-dipped apples and the toppings they are rolled in! Finally, we add a delicious drizzle to complete your customized caramel apple bar experience. Of course, we have loads of fun toppings for your guests to choose - everything from chocolatey Cocoa Pebbles to colorful jimmies to mini chocolate chips!

See our Caramel Apple Bar live in action on KXAN!

The Caramel Apple Bar is only available for our Fall and Winter seasons so book your event now!

We love to customize our Caramel Apple Bar to fit your creative event themes! Check out our take on this Pirate birthday party and this Marie Antoinette bash.

Follow the link to view more pictures of The Caramel Apple Bar!